I first got introduced into photography in the days of film cameras many years ago now and I was about 8 years old when I got given my first proper camera.
My first camera was a Bessamatic with a 50mm lens and I progressed on to a Zenit Em and then A Pentax then moved on to an Olympus OM10 with a full manual override ( in those days advertised; "As used by David Bailey".)  
Now days Its all digital and I use
Mobile Phone Currently iPhone 11 Pro Max, DSLR Canon 7d Crop Sensor, and 
DSLR Canon 6d Mk-II  Full Frame Sensor with a range of EF lenses.
I have experimented with many different types of photography from Macro to Landscape Weddings Portrait and Night time plus Abstract, Event, Wild life and so the list goes on but still have lots of scope to learn more  about, and I continue to enjoy all of it. 
As I progress I will update the site to share my experience with you all.
 In this web site I have shared with you some of the many albums I have accumulated over the years so I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did capturing them.
I have always wished I was good at drawing and could produce the incredible sketches and paintings others do but alas Its not to be. So this is my way of capturing what I see in a scene and sharing my view with the world.
Ive never really wanted to go Pro as I see this as my hobby that I can take or leave and therefore a relaxing pleasure rather than a full time job. well enough said so:
To Navigate the sight simply click on the Navigation menu to get started then click on the album you wish to view. clicking on an image enlarges the image in view mode click on the X icon in top right corner to go back from full screen and simply click onAlbums above to choose a different album
Tip: When viewing a picture in portrait orientation or landscape orientaion click on picture so its in its own window and then click again to zoom in to all that lovely detail.

Note in the family albums there should be a button at the bottom of each album to go back to the main family branch.​​​​​​​
Happy Viewing. feel free to use the contact author link to send any comments:
You can also reach me using the email icon on the menu bar:
Mark Cogley Amateur Photographer.
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