Audrey Long (My Nan) Had a beautiful singing voice and was asked would she consider going professional by the DJ at the radio station and said tell husband Roy he has a singing nightingale living with him. 
When she sang in the studio, She was asked what she would like played as a request and chose A Jim Reeves song,  The comment by the presenter was "a bit of a come down after hearing that performance", they had to sing in the studio without any backing. 
Audrey came in first  with over 200 people competing, and won a box set of world war songs on vinyl. I was so proud when I came home from school to hear the recording that had been done on my grandads music centre.
 The recordings below are some of the many she did and nowhere near do her the justice she deserved but unfortunately these are the recordings we are left with from the days of portable cassette recorders, dodgy Mic Setups and Cassette tapes that faded so badly over the years,  So I treasure what remains.

Sunrise Sunset 

(Radio Sussex Carry On Singing Superstar Contest winner)

Dream a little dream of me

Sunrise Sunset Special Edition 

(Set to music in 2020 by grandson Mark Cogley)

The Gypsy


I'm in the mood for love

We always will be together (Roy & Audrey Long)

Goody Goody

Stars fell on Alabama

Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone


I don't know why I just do



Try a little tenderness

The little boy that Santa Clause forgot

Vaya Con Dios

These boots are made for walking

I'm just an in-between

sang in on telephone to radio station

We make mistakes

Who's sorry know


Walk On (You'll never walk alone)

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