My old Tyros keyboard (these are really good keyboards)

with template so my wife can learn where the keys are

Technics GA-3 with Ketron SD40 and iPad Intrument Panel

Technics GA-3

Hi There
Welcome to my organ music album page.  The above organ is a Technics GA-3 with a Ketron SD40 Touch Screen Sound Module and Ive also added an iPad Control Panel with Macros written by me to make everything run smoothly.
All the above items communicate with each other and allow a vastly greater control and realism then the Standard GA3
The organ has 13 bass pedals under neath and has two full orchestra conductor panels one for each manual (Keyboard) and are independent of each other. The organ it self was made in 1995 by Technics and in its day cost £10,000.
The SD40 module is current and can be had today for around £1500 and is a very versatile piece of kit allowing the GA-3 to be very firmly up to-date with the latest HQ Sounds and will see this organ sounds superb, well into the future.
I get a great deal of pleasure tinkering around on this organ and have taught myself to play this organ.  I wish I could play it to its full potential but I'm no professional player.
I share with you some of my recordings, some are from my old Tyros Keyboard, and some from the GA-3 but enough said.  
Hope you enjoy the music I've included. And will add more time allowing in the future.
Regards. Mark Cogley.
Oh and for those wondering yes I can do all the rubic's cubes on the organ they are not just for show LOL​​​​​​​
Due to file size restrictions of 20mb Upload per file the sound quality has to be down sampled to about 5mb mp3 from over 30mb wav output from the SD40 so you won't hear how wonderful it originally sounded but its close as I can get sorry beyond my control.

Stranger On The Shore - (Played On GA-3 + SD40)

Ramblin' Rose - (Played On GA-3 + SD40)

Blueberry Hill - (Played on GA-3 + SD40)

Moonlight Serenade (Played on my tyros keyboard)

Mexicali Rose - (Played on my tyros keyboard)

Blue Velvet - (Played on my tyros keyboard)

Arriverderci Roma - (Played on my tyros keyboard)

When the red red Robin comes bob bob bobbing along (Played on my tyros keyboard)

And in case your wondering why I changed from the tyros which is an excellent arranger keyboard but a single manual keyboard; to the above setup, well you can do so much more with the arrangements, on two manuals, and the instruments to me, are so much more like the real thing.
But make up your own mind here's Moonlight Serenade Played on the above setup.
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