April 10th 2023
Added Brooklands Museum Album
This was a special day out arrange by my wife before re-starting my Chemo Therapy
June 10th 2021
Added Photos to The Wood Family Album
May 21th 2021
Added Photos to Manni's 80th Birthday Meal Album
May 15th 2021
Added Photos to The Wood Family Album

May 14th 2021
Added Photos to Sheila and Graham Album
Added Photos to Sheila Album
Added Photos to The Clynic Family Album

May 12 2021
Added Facebook and email Icons to menu bar
Added Photo to Pets Album
Added Photos to Mark and Geraldine Album

May 11 2021
Added Photo to Geraldine Album
Added The Clynick's Album
Added Photos to Mark and Geraldine Album
Added Photos to Family Group Photos Album

May 10 2021
Added Family Contact Me This is found in the Family Section Check it out
This new feature is the solution to trying to upload images for inclusion in the family albums.  The Contact Me DOES NOT ALLOW THIS so Ive created this as a solution.
You should be quite comfortable with this as it uses YOUR exiting email system and allows you to simply click on attach and include the pictures you want to upload to me then just click send, allow time for it to complete this process before you close the email program.
I'll let you know by reply once I have received and updated the album to include your pictures.
Added Family Mixed Photos Album
Added Photo to Mark & Geraldine Album
Added Photo to Mark Album
Added Photo to Geraldine Album
Added A Group Photo to Family Group Album
Added Our Anniversaries Album
Added Manni's 80th Birthday Meal Album

May 9th 2021
Added Scarborough Castle Album
Added Wood Family Album
Updated Edwards Family Album

May 8th 2021
Added Tip: to viewing images in large detail in About me
Added Brighton Wheel to Scenery & Places.
Added Alexanda Park Album
Added Houses of Parliment View from London Eye to Scenery & Places

May 7th 2021
Added two more projects to the Projects Album.
Moved the Projects Album to Family Section.
Added Photo of Tyros Keyboard to Marks Organ Music Album

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