Roy Long was my Grandad and it was him that got me into enjoying the organ.
Here are some very old recordings that I did many years ago now. I came across them when I looking for materials to use to build this site.  As a tribute to him he has his own page. Rest in peace you are very much still in my thoughts and my heart.

My Prayer

When your old wedding ring was new

Has any body seen my girl

Tuxeodo Junction

Somebody Else Is Taking My Place


Moonlight serenade

Jealous Heart

Sweet as a song

Grandad Have you ever been lonely (Medley)​​​​​​​

Don't get around much anymore, Any Time

Little Old Wine Drinker Me; Anybody seen my girl;Jealous Heart; Tuxedo Junction; Whisper; Wine Drinker Me; medley 

(Sorry about the singing) lol

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